Trending September 2023 # 10 Thunderbird Addons You Shouldn’t Be Without # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 10 Thunderbird Addons You Shouldn’t Be Without # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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After all these long years, Thunderbird continues to rule the roost for desktop-based email clients. It’s fast, its interfaces have moved with the times, and it’s teeming with excellent addons that have evolved alongside it. Whether you need to schedule your emails to send later, export/import emails in bulk in whatever format you please, or encrypt your emails to the high heavens, you can with these addons.

1. ImportExportTools

It’s a given that you’ll want to freely import and export emails from your Thunderbird client; to convert invoices into PDFs, for example, or to import a saved profile to instantly organize your email how you like. ImportExportTools lets you do these things, and many, many more (indexing messages of a folder in HTML format for example, or export messages as single files in many common formats). An essential addition.

2. Provider for Google Calendar

So you know that thing we said about Lightning breaking down with Thunderbird updates, and people losing their vital calendar information? Provider solves that problem by syncing up with your Google Calendar, so whatever you write into Lightning gets saved to your Google Calendar and vice versa. This ensures that even if Lightning does fail on you, you still have access to your calendar information.

3. Enigmail

Keeping your email information secure and private is as vital as ever. Thunderbird doesn’t come with any encryption features built into it, so you should get Enigmail as quickly as possible. This addon, recommended by Mozilla itself, lets you encrypt messages using GnuPG, a fork of the widely used OpenPGP encryption standard. It’s nice and easy to use, and keeps track of your encryption keys in a handy Key Management window.

4. QuickFolders

Calling itself the “Swiss army knife” of folders, QuickFolders turns the messy folders and subfolders within Thunderbird into sharp-looking tabs running across the top of your screen (yes, just like tabs in a web browser). It’s particularly handy if you have important info buried deep in a sub-folder somewhere that you want to access more easily.

5. Mail Redirect

Not quite the same as forwarding, Mail Redirect redirects emails sent to you so they appear to the recipient like emails received directly from the original sender. This is particularly useful in work environments where emails may get sent to the wrong person/department and you want the right person (or people) to get them.

6. Stop Ignoring Reply:To

Sorry, no pictures for this one, as it’s basically a backend addon!

A simple but a good one. As of Thunderbird 52, when you replied to an email that had a different “reply-to” email address from the original sender’s, Thunderbird would ignore it and send emails back to the original sender instead (defeating the whole point of the “reply to” box and probably resulting in your reply not getting read). Stop Ignoring solves this hiccup in Thunderbird, and ensures that if there is a “reply-to” option, that your emails will reply to that and not the original sender. Excellent.

7. Reminderfox

When you get busy working or playing on Facebook, you might not notice it is time for the meeting. Reminderfox is a popular Firefox browser extension that is also available in Thunderbird. If you are trying to have an all-in-one mail application, reminders and to-do lists will help a lot.

8. Send Later 9. Nostalgy

If you process a large number of emails everyday, Nostalgy will save you a lot of time. This add-on will let you create keyboard shortcuts for actions like move a message to a folder or change folders.

10. Themes

Last but not least are themes for Thunderbird. If you spend a lot of time using your email program, it may as well be visually appealing, right? You can choose from over 70 different themes to spruce up your inbox.

While many people will not use any add-ons for Thunderbird. It is a fantastic program right out of the box so to speak. However, using one or more of the add-ons will only extend its usefulness.


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