Trending September 2023 # 6 Best Free Docker Hosting Platforms (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 6 Best Free Docker Hosting Platforms (2023) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Best FREE Docker Container Hosting Services: Top Picks!

1) Kamatera Express – Best for the managed console experience

This helps with high flexibility in choosing the nearest data center for quality performance everywhere. Its plans have the docker-machine bash command auto-complete installed and the cloud platform integrated and fully configured with the machine driver.

Key Features:

Docker: Supports Docker Engine and Machine on Ubuntu.

Disaster recovery and backup: It has a subscription-based disaster recovery model and 24/7 real-time data replication and system health monitoring.

Container limit: Up to 20,000 IPS for each block storage object.

SSH and root access: This cloud provider has root administrator access to the servers.

Network: It provides an isolated and high-performing local network.

Configuration: Kamatera helps you assign roles to admins, allows instant server configurations, etc.

Support: Provides 24×7 Technical Support.

SLA: It has a 99% uptime guarantee and a refund of one month if there are downtimes.

Maintenance: It does not require any hardware maintenance.

Flexible pricing: This hosting lets you select the required services, which helps reduce the pricing.

Data centers: It is one of the best Docker hosting providers with high-end, easily scalable data centers.

Why Choose Kamatera Express for Docker?

Kamatera Express provides cost-effective services. It has updated hardware infrastructure, flexible scalability, SSDs, and multi-tier network connectivity.

This hosting also has large RAM/CPU Cores for every server, high uptime, and quick customer support. All its plans provide you with a flexible choice of Docker version and data center.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Worldwide network provides impressive speed and docker hosting services. Complex for newbies to host Docker.

It has simple management through the web console and API. Less overall functionality for the cost than other options on this list.

You can deploy your server in less than 60 Seconds.


Here are the Best Docker hosting plans of Kamatera:

RAM Bandwidth CPU Clock Speed Price

4 GB 5 TB 2.3 GHz $79.99 per month

8 GB 10 TB 2.5 GHz $99.99 per month

16 GB 15 TB 3.3 GHz $119.99 per month

Key Specs:

Pay-as-you-go model: Yes.

2) A2 Hosting – Best for loading pages at the fastest speed

This hosting service has several powerful CPUs and is designed to optimize WordPress, security, and speed of websites. It also comes with Atracta SEO tools so you can have a high ranking.

Key features:

Supported platforms: You can install Docker on Ubuntu14. 04, CenOS 6 and 7.

Container limit: This cloud service provider has a 50 GB quota limit.

SSH: It helps you log in to the A2 Hosting account remotely and run all kinds of commands.

Backup: You can use manual and auto-backups for your files on shared hosting.

Guru crew and support: This platform provides professional staff 24/7, 365 days.

Security: Risk-free and high-powered Docker hosting with best practices for securing your account.

Performance: Load pages with Turbo Sever with free SSDs, your choice of server location, LiteSpeed web server, etc.

Custom Software: You can control your server and add custom script installs and apps.

SLA: The customer will be made aware of the outage and maintenance beforehand.

Storage limit: It has a 50 GB disk usage limit.

Why Choose A2 Hosting for Docker?

A2 hosting offers the top CPUs such as Intel Xeon E-2224 4.6GHz turbo, Intel Xeon Silver 4210R 2nd Gen Scalable, and AMD Rome 2nd Gen EPYC 7232 3.2 GHz Turbo.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The server rewind backups need Swift or Turbo plan.

It provides an easy step-by-step setup guide for docker installation. Renewal rates are expensive.

You can choose any operating system with all plans.


Here are the best Docker Hosting plans of A2 Hosting:

Plan Name Transfer TB RAM Price

Hyper 1 6 TB 16 GB $105.99 per month

Hyper 2 Intel 10 TB 32 GB $135.99 per month

Hyper 2 Turbo Intel 10 TB 64 GB $165.99 per month

Key Specs:

Pay-as-you-go model: No

3) DigitalOcean – Best for deploying websites and apps quickly

DigitalOcean helps in building apps and websites and deploying them instantly. It also scales apps with its fully managed solution. This service provider can provision and manage infrastructure, databases, operating systems, app runtimes, and other dependencies.

Key features:

SSH: You need an SSH client or SSH key pair to access it.

Docker versions: Docker Community Edition (CE) on Ubuntu 20.04, Docker CE 20.10.21, and Docker Compose 2.12.0.

Container limit: The volume’s range goes from 1GiB to 16 GiB, and it lets you create up to 5000 volumes.

Backup: It uses the Snapshot feature for backup.

SLA: Digital Ocean is one of the best Docker hosting services with a 100% service credit refund for downtime.

Global data centers: It has data centers all over the world to host Docker containers.

Monitoring and alerting: This platform provides website monitoring and alerting for extra safety.

Add serverless components: Enhance or build your apps by adding serverless components.

Cloud firewalls: Digital Ocean uses cloud firewalls for your website and app protection.

Support: You get free round-the-clock customer support no matter your plan.

Why choose Digital Ocean for Docker?

Digital Ocean provides many free services such as API, 40GbE hypervisor connections, cloud firewalls, etc. It doesn’t ask the user to commit as its Droplets charge hourly.

You can deliver high customer satisfaction using the Digital Ocean as it has negligible downtime and is a globally distributed platform with intuitive products.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It provides 3000 tutorials. Its free trial for docker hosting services requires a credit card.

Digital Ocean comes with a lot of payment gateways. You have to pay for the backup of the Droplets.

Get free DNS and enterprise SSDs.


Here are the best Docker Hosting plans of Digital Ocean:

Memory vCPUs Transfer SSD $/Hr $MO

512 MB 1 vCPU 500 GB 10 GiB $0.00595 $4.00

1 GB 1vCPU 1,000 GB 25 GiB $0.00893 $6.00

2 GB 1vCPU 2,000 GB 50 GiB $0.01786 $12.00

Key Specs:

Pay-as-you-go model: Yes

4) Hostinger – Best for developers who want full control

Hostinger is a docker container hosting platform that hosts small business websites and large-scale projects. It also offers optimized solutions for WordPress hosting and comes with auto-updates, staging tools, and other pro features.

You can enjoy full flexibility and total control with its VPS hosting. It has multiple data centers in the USA, Singapore, Lithuania, UK, Brazil, etc., to easily host Docker containers. Hostinger is also easy to scale; you can upgrade to a different plan using its control panel.

Key features:

SSH and full root access: Hostinger provides SSH access with its premium and above plans.

Docker: Cent OS7, Ubuntu, and Debian.

SLA: It has a 5% refund for downtime.

Container limit: Its limit goes up to 250 GB.

Support: Available 24/7 for all plans and includes live chat, email, tutorials, and a knowledge base.

SSD and Processing Power: This platform uses Intel Xeon processors, Nvme SSD storage in terabytes, and provides 512 GB RAM.

Network: Hostinger has a 100 Mb/s network and an unrestricted high-speed connection.

Backups: It hosts docker containers with automated backups and live snapshots.

Dedicated IPv6: Get /64 IPv6 block infrastructure that removes latency, blacklisting issues, and networking.

Scaling: Hostinger scales easily, as you can upgrade through its VPS control panel.

Why choose Hostinger for Docker?

This platform offers dedicated resources with easy scaling capacity and has professionals who work around the clock. It provides up to 12 TB bandwidth, 16 GB RAM, and SSD storage of 250 GB.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It has easy server management as all VPS have a user-friendly control Panel. It doesn’t have phone support.

You can directly access your account from hpanel using its webmail log-in. Sometimes the file manager sessions expire after 15 to 30 minutes.

Dedicated IP is available for all plans.

Pricing Plan

Here are the best Docker Hosting plans of Hostinger:

Plan features VPS1 VPS2 VPS3

VCPU 1 core 2 cores 3 cores

RAM 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB

SSD 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB

Price $3.99 Mo $5.99 Mo $7.9 Mo

Key Specs:

Pay-as-you-go model: No

Vultr is a Docker hosting platform that has an easy-to-use API and control panel. With this platform, you will require minimum time coding and managing the infrastructure as it simplifies the management and has an easy Docker installation.

You can choose any operating system from its collection, such as Linux, Windows, Alma Linux, Fedora, etc. Its data centers are located in 30 locations worldwide, providing a low-latency infrastructure.

Key features:

SSH: You can access the server with a password and an SSH client.

Docker: Install Docker on Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04, Vultr Debian 11, Cent OS, etc.

The container limit is 40 TB per volume and 10TB for every volume using NVme.

SLA: Provides refund based on a particular server’s downtime.

Backup: It offers optional automatic backup for compute instances.

Support: This hosting has a support ticket form on its website along with FAQs.

Public IPv6 network: Vultr has a public IPv6 network, so you get a unique IP address assigned solely to your network.

Virtual private clouds: You can establish isolated regional VPCs for all your apps.

Root administrator access: With all VMs, you get a dedicated IP address and complete root access.

Why choose Vultr for Docker?

It is one of the Docker hosting providers with a wide range of products like cloud GPU, cloud computer, bare metal, optimized cloud compute, etc.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Get high-performing CPUs with 100% intel cores. Support is limited, as it has no live chat and phone calls.

This cheap Docker hosting doesn’t include a setup fee. It doesn’t have integration services.

You get pre-configured templates.

Pricing Plan

Here are the best Docker Hosting plans of Vultr:

vCPUs Memory Bandwidth Storage Monthly Hourly

1 0.5 GB 0.50 TB 10 GB $2.50 $0.004

1 1 GB 1.00 TB 25 GB $5 $0.007

1 2 GB 2.00 TB 55 GB $10 $0.015

Key Specs:

Pay-as-you-go model: Yes

6) Amazon ECS – Best FREE Docker Hosting

Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) provides scalable, reliable, and secure containers. You can launch containers on AWS without considering the infrastructure. This hosting platform has an automatic scaling capacity; hence, you do not have to do any extra difficult configurations.

It lets you build websites and apps without challenges as it meets all regulatory standards, compliance, and security. You can deploy without delay with the AWS fargate serverless compute. It also allows you to perform system operations, like capacity rules and custom scaling, and check data from telemetry and app logs.

Key features:

SSH: You can install an SSH client on your local system or check whether an existing one is present.

Docker: Docker EE, Docker version 17.09.01.

Container limit: Its storage can be increased up to 200 GiB.

SLA: Provides refund depending on the percentage of downtime.

Backup: It automates and centralizes the backing-up process.

Integrated and serverless: It has AWS Fargate, so you don’t have to handle any capacity planning.

Docker support: Manage and run Docker containers and integrate them into Docker Compose CLI.

Customer support: Website ticketing form, FAQs, and support and knowledge center.

AWS Copilot: This tool helps developers build and operate production-ready containerized apps and release them on Amazon ECS.

Windows container management: Offers enhanced launch time and memory utilization, and you can deploy custom Windows containers.

Repository support can be used with any accessible private Docker registry or third-party hoster Docker image repository.

Why choose Amazon ECS for Docker?

Amazon ECS saves up to 50% on the cost of compute with the help of its auto-scaling and autonomous provisioning. AWS is one of the best free Docker hosting services. It lets you launch thousands of containers on the cloud and use continuous integration and delivery.

ECS also helps you deploy in environments that are hybrid and provides work scheduling, stable management, consistent tooling, etc.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Get support batch processing for planning, executing, etc., of batch computing workload. You will need to manage EC2 instances in your bundle.

Integrates with your existing security, identity, and management tools. Documentation is not clear, and the configuration is confusing at times.

It has a free Docker container hosting plan for a lifetime.

Pricing Plan: Free trial, 12 months free, and always free versions available.

Key Specs:

Pay-as-you-go model: Yes.


Docker is a tool used for building, shipping, and running applications. It is an open platform that takes care of the infrastructure of your apps.

Docker’s procedures include testing, code deploying, and shipping. It mitigates the challenges of packaging and running apps and lets them run in containers that are non-confined environments.

Containerization is a method in software development. In this approach, a service or an application, its configuration, and its dependencies are packaged together in a container image.

Here are the points you should remember for selecting the best docker hosting platform:

Cost: Make sure that the service you are paying for is sustainable and has easy migration.

Updates: Always go for the most updated provider which owns cutting-edge tools.

Integration: Find out if it can integrate with GitHub and other well-known valuable tech resources.

Compatibility: Make sure the application management and the hosting service are compatible.

Inclusivity: Compare the pricing and features other platforms offer if you are already using a service.

Best FREE Docker Container Hosting Services: Top Picks! Conclusion

To sum this up, our above article consists of a well-researched list of top free-tier Docker Hosting platforms.

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