Trending September 2023 # 7 Fixes For Steam Failed To Load Web Pages 118/310 Error # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 7 Fixes For Steam Failed To Load Web Pages 118/310 Error # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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7 Fixes for Steam Failed To Load Web Pages 118/310 Error Easily fix Steam web page browsing issues by following proper steps




Steam is a rock-solid platform, but errors happen, and several users have reported that they were greeted with a failed to load web page error.

To fix this issue, you should try to clear Steam’s cache and disable browser extensions.

You can run a specific command to repair the Steam client, then check if the error is still there.

If Steam fails to load web pages, checking your Windows Defender Firewall is a great idea.

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If you face a problem like Steam failed to load a web page, go through this article for proper instructions to get rid of this issue.

Steam is the biggest gaming platform. However, even though it is a fantastic platform with decent stability, you may still get unexpected errors that may hamper your gaming experience.

Recently, some users reported that it failed to load a specific web page. This error also may come with error codes like 118 or 310.

When this happens, you’re still allowed access to your Library but cannot browse the Steam website for a while.

It isn’t uncommon, so there are practical solutions you can try to fix it once and for all.

What causes Steam error code 118 – Failed to load web page error?

Several factors may create this problem. After doing some deep analysis, we have found the followings:

The Steam server is going through some internet problems

Unexpected problem or glitch with Steam application

Corrupted cache on Steam

The firewall is blocking the connection

Network adapter issues

Steam was not installed properly

There may be some other things from your or Steam’s end. But, the reasons mentioned above are the most common ones. If you can eliminate these reasons, Steam will have no problem loading the web page. For your convenience, we have prepared the solutions with the user guide.

What errors can I fix with the solutions listed below?

Keep in mind that the solutions listed below will also help you if you encounter the following issues:

Steam error code 118 failed to load the web page – This indicates something is preventing the Steam services from connecting to the server. One of the most common causes is the Windows Firewall, which does not allow the Steam client to communicate through the firewall.

Error code 7 Steam – In general terms, an error 7 code is related to incorrect or failed installation or uninstallation of software that may have left invalid entries in system elements.

Steam error code 310 – Last but not least, this one occurs when trying to browse the Steam website either via a third-party browser. Most of the time, the problem disappears on its own, but if yours persists, it may be caused by a corrupted browser cache. However, there’s more to discover about it.

What can I do if I face the Steam error: Failed to load a web page? 1. Restart your Steam client 2. Clear your cache

Your cache folder stores temporary files associated with games or programs in your Library. However, if these files are corrupted, you might get Failed to load web page error in Steam.

3. Disable Compatibility Mode

The Compatibility Mode does exactly what it says, but it’s primarily useful for running older programs. Therefore, if you’re getting Failed to load a web page in Steam, try disabling Compatibility Mode for it.

4. Repair Steam

Exit any instance of



Press Win + E to open File Explorer.

Go to the following location: C:Program Files (x86)Steambin

Launch the chúng tôi .

In some cases, an issue with a Steam client can lead to Failed to load web page error.

5. Disable extensions 5.1 For Google Chrome 5.2 For Mozilla Firefox 6. Check your Firewall

You can temporarily disable your Windows Firewall if it’s causing Failed to load web page error in Steam.

7. Reinstall Steam

When everything else fails, the best bet is to uninstall your Steam client and reinstall it using the official Steam website.

If you follow the above steps, you will reinstall the app without any issue. However, there is another workaround that won’t consume that much time.

In these terms, keep in mind that you can choose to uninstall Steam automatically by using a specialized tool.

Expert tip:

So, what stops you from giving it a try right now?

What browser can I use to never face Steam error: Failed to load a web page?

If you don’t have the time to go through the troubleshooting solutions listed above, you can switch to another browser and test if the issue persists.

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What are the most common Steam error messages?

Steam failed to load URL or web page showing error code 138, 310, 105, or even unknown error is one of the most common problems with Steam.

Else, you may find other error messages randomly as well. It includes the followings:

An error occurred while updating a game

Steam game stuck at preparing to launch

Failed to start a game

The steam download is stuck at a certain percentage like 0%, 99%, etc.

You may find many other errors randomly. But, these are the most common ones you may experience while gaming on Steam.

So, you can do this if Steam fails to load web pages. As you can see, all the listed processes are pretty simple.

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