Trending September 2023 # Different Alternatives Of Nmap With Their Features # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Different Alternatives Of Nmap With Their Features # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Introduction to Nmap

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Many people love to work with the Nmap terminal; however, others want GUI and web-based tools that offer easy and quick solutions that suit their requirements.

List of Nmap Alternatives

Given below is the list of Nmap Alternatives:

1. Zenmap

Features of Zenmap:

Users can Save scan results in a database.

It allows to search results in the database.

It provides a comparison of current scan results and previous scans.

2. Shodan

Shodan (Sentient Hyper-Optimised Data Access Network) is a search engine for gathering and mapping information on internet-connected devices like computer systems, mobile phones, servers, webcams, traffic lights, smart TVs, and others. Shodan is a search engine for the Internet of Things (IoT).  It provides vulnerability analysis, market research,  and penetration testing.

Features of Shodan:

It supports Boolean operators and provides filters for the efficiency of searching.

It allows us to scan and search open ports on specific hosts or networks.

Shodan shows potential hosts that respond to network requests.

It scans and shows the scan results with the operating system and the version and network details of the host it runs.

It also detects the Application version of apps and the version number running on the network.

3. Angry IP Scan

An angry IP scanner is the best alternative for Nmap for the port scan tool. It is mainly used for the fast scanning speed of port and IP address scanners, as it has a multi-thread process that separates each scan. Moreover, it is free and supports operating systems Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.

Features of Angry IP Scanner:

No installation is needed for this tool. Users can download and run Angry IP Scan.

It allows the Scanning of open ports on any remote network.

It also detects NetBIOS as well as Webserver information.

It allows the Exporting of scan results into TXT, CSV, and XML files.

It provides plugin integration with Java language.

4. Advanced Port Scanner

Advanced Port Scanner is a fast and free port scanner that quickly detects open ports (TCP and UDP) on network computers. It also helps to identify versions of programs running on the specific network. In addition, it allows users to access network resources like HTTP, HTTPS, RDP, FTP, Radmin, and shared folders. It also allows remote shutdown and starting of computers and the option to run quick commands such as tracert, ping, SSH, and telnet on a specific PC.

It provides Asynchronous stateless TCP scanning as well as Asynchronous UDP scanning.

It scans the IP port and detects service running on the hosts

It allows operating system detection remotely.

Users can Enable multiple command-line modules

5. Fing

Fing is a free and open-source network scanner widely used by network admins’ cybersecurity experts. It detects and maps devices connected to any Wi-Fi network assesses security risks, and troubleshoot problems of networks.

Along with Port scanning, it also provides Wi-Fi scanning, Subnet scanning, ping, service monitoring, DNS lookup, and reverse DNS lookup; hence, it is also one of the best alternatives to Nmap. It has been developed to inspect large networks quickly but also works best with single hosts.

Features of Fing:

It scans all devices connected to any network.

Scan results provide detailed information, which includes IP address, Device Name,  MAC address, Device Manufacturer, Device vendor, etc.

It also detects intruders.

It provides Advanced analysis of UPNP, NetBIOS, Bonjour names, and properties.

Fing allows checking Internet connectivity as well as Inventory of devices and networks.

It also allows for ISP analysis and location.

It can Connect to ports like FTP, Browser, SSH, etc.

Conclusion – Nmap Alternative

In this article, we have seen different alternatives to Nmap along with their features. You can choose any of them for monitoring networks and performing other functions based on your needs. We hope you will find this article helpful.

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