Trending September 2023 # Error Code 0Xc000014C: What Does It Mean &Amp; How To Fix It # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Error Code 0Xc000014C: What Does It Mean &Amp; How To Fix It # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Error Code 0xc000014c: What Does It Mean & How to Fix It Rebuild the BCD to get the correct boot order




The 0xc000014c error is usually caused by missing boot configuration data or BCD files on your computer.

This can happen if you recently installed software or hardware on your computer and something went wrong during installation.

You can attempt to check the hard drive for errors using the chkdsk command or perform a System Restore.

When you power up your PC, you expect to be taken to the login page. This way, you can get started on whatever activities you have planned for the day. Some users are unlucky as they are greeted with a blue screen with the error code 0xc000014c.

This type of BSoD error completely locks you out of your PC, and you’ll have to fix it before you can access anything. Stay put as we show you how to fix this error.

What causes error code 0xc000014c?

The error 0xc000014c is usually caused by a missing or corrupt file on your computer. If you have this error, it means that Windows cannot find some of the files required to load when it tries to boot.

The most likely reason is that something has changed on your computer, such as a new application, hardware being installed, or an update being applied. This change can cause Windows to detect an issue with the hard drive and try to correct it by creating a new boot file.

Other causes include:

New hardware – You may see this error if you have recently installed a new hardware device, such as a printer, and Windows cannot locate the appropriate drivers.

Bad sectors – If you have formed a habit of not turning off your PC properly, your hard drive can develop bad sectors over time and eventually cause the error 0xc000014.

Corrupt system files – Error code 0xc000014c can also occur if your computer cannot find its essential system files.

Missing BCD – BCD files contain information about the operating system and its configuration. If any of these is corrupted or missing, Windows will not start properly. 

How do I fix error 0xc000014c?

Try the following before you move on to the complex solutions:

Enter Safe Mode and uninstall any recent apps that may be causing the issue.

Still in Safe Mode, run a CHKDSK scan to see if there are any errors in your hard drive.

1. Run the SFC scan

This Windows process may seem too tricky for some users, and you can choose to scan and repair your PC issues with a dedicated solution like Fortect.

Using this tool will entirely diagnose your PC and fix missing system files and resolve booting issues such as the 0xc000014c error code.

2. Rebuild the BCD 2.1 Create a bootable drive 2.2 Rebuild BCD  3. Perform a System Restore

A System Restore is an attempt to revert your computer to a known good backup that was created before you started experiencing issues. This will not only fix the error but also restore other system files that may have been affected by the corruption.

In the future, you need to pay closer attention to how you shut down your PC, the type of software you install, and any new hardware changes. For unexpected shutdowns, you can get a UPS to protect your PC from power surge-related issues.

As for software, having a comprehensive antivirus solution will do you some good in keeping malware at bay. Hardware changes should be left to the experts. You can also consult your manufacturer for the perfect match if one of your hardware components fails.

That brings us to a close for this article, but let us know of any other solutions that may have assisted you but not mentioned above.

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