Trending September 2023 # How To Install And Use Winzip On Windows 11 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Install And Use Winzip On Windows 11 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Though Windows 11 has a built-in utility that lets us easily zip and unzip files. But it doesn’t let us do as much as an external extraction tool lets us do, such as encrypting files, creating backups, etc. Thus, it becomes obvious to choose a third-party extraction tool. Now, there are plenty of compression and extraction tools, and one such tool is WinZip.

It’s pretty easy to use WinZip on Windows 11. But you never know when you need help related to it. Having this in mind, we’ve created this detailed guide explaining how to install WinZip on Windows 11 and how to use it. So if you’re new to WinZip or considering using it, read this guide until the end.

What Is WinZip?

WinZip is a third-party file compression and extraction tool that lets you zip and unzip files, or you can say, compress and decompress files into the Zip format. Not only this, but WinZip also enables you to easily encrypt, share, and backup Zip files. Moving ahead, it also includes features to find duplicate files, split & Zip files, and more.

How To Download and Install WinZip on Windows 11?

In order to use WinZip on your Windows 11 PC, you must first download and install it. So if you haven’t installed it on your Windows PC, follow the below steps as they explain the same:

How To Add WinZip To the Contextual Menu?

3. Choose the Display icons on context menu checkbox in the Context menu options section.

How To Make WinZip Default App To Open Archives on Windows 11?

4. After doing so, try opening a .zip file on your PC to see if it opens in the WinZip program or not.

How To Use WinZip in Windows 11?

You’ve now installed WinZip on your Windows 11 PC and even selected it as the default app to open archives. It’s now time to learn how to use it. In this section, we’ve briefly explained how you can use the WinZip program on your computer to zip or unzip files, encrypt files, etc.

1. Open an Archive

You can open the archives from the contextual menu as well as within the WinZip program. So check the listed steps to learn how to open Zip files on Windows 11 with WinZip:

In the App

2. Hover the arrow on Open in the dropdown menu, and select WinZip File from the left.

3. Move to the location in the File Explorer where you’ve saved the Zip file and want to open it.

From the Context Menu

2. Select the WinZip option from the Open with submenu to open the file in the WinZip app.

2. Create an Archive File

One of the primary functions of WinZip is to create an archive file by compressing multiple files or folders. You can do this from your Windows PC’s contextual menu and straight in the utility. So follow the below steps to learn to create an archive using both methods:

In the App

2. In the File Explorer window, move to the path where the files you want to zip are stored.

From the Context Menu

1. Proceed to the path where all the files are stored that you want to compress into a Zip file.

3. Hover the arrow on WinZip, and select the Add/Move to Zip file… option from the menu.

6. If you also want to encrypt your Zip file with a passcode, checkmark the Encrypt files checkbox.

3. Unzip a File

Along with a file compression tool, WinZip is also a file extraction tool. So it also lets you unzip files with ease. You can either unzip an archive from the contextual menu or directly in the WinZip app. We’ve explained all two methods below; you can check them out:

In the App

3. Choose the Yes, Unzip the files to a folder I choose option in the next window.

From the Context Menu

2. Select Unzip to… from the menu and go to the path where you want to save the extracted files.

4. Create a Folder

Using the WinZip program, you can also create a folder on your Windows 11 PC. So follow the below prompts to learn how to create a folder using WinZip:

1. Open WinZip on your computer and move to the path where you want to create a new folder.

3. Name your new folder, and press the Enter key to create it in the selected destination.

5. Encrypt a File

The best part about WinZip is that it also lets you encrypt files separately with a password so unauthorized users can’t access it without entering the password. You can follow the below-mentioned instructions to learn how to encrypt files in the WinZip app with ease:

You’ve now set a password to selected files and can now try opening it to see if it’s encrypted.

6. Find Duplicate Files

WinZip also integrates a Duplicate File Finder that lets you find and delete duplicate files in your selected folders. You can follow the below steps to know how to use this utility:

6. Once completed, find the results for the scan in the Results section of the Windows Duplicate File Finder window.

7. Convert Files

WinZip also comes with several conversion tools, and one such tool is PDF Conversion. You can quickly convert any file type into a PDF and vice versa. So if you want to convert your files to PDF and vice versa, then follow the below steps to learn to do so:

1. First, select the file(s) that you want to convert to PDF or vice versa in the WinZip program.

3. Check Convert to PDF if you want to convert your file to PDF. Else, choose any other option.

8. Split the Zip File

WinZip also enables you to split Zip files into smaller pieces to make them easy to share on the internet and attach in emails. So if some of your Zip files are too large for the restricted size, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to split them into smaller pieces:

1. Move to the location where you’ve saved the archive(s) that you want to split and use it.

5. At last, close or minimize WinZip and find the split file in the location you selected in Step 4.

9. Share the Zip File

Once you’ve created a Zip file, you can now share it via email using the Send with Email option in the WinZip app. We’ve mentioned the prompts below for doing the same:

2. Select the WinZip Settings option from the dropdown menu and go to the Email section.

4. Once done, open the File menu again and hover your mouse’s arrow on the Share option.

6. Fill in the information in the From name: and From address: text fields in the next prompt.

8. Fill in the password and user name in the respective fields for the previously entered email account.

10. Select the file you want to share via email and select Send with Email from the Share menu.

11. Fill in the required info in the To…, CC…, & Subject: fields and write the copy in the box.

Tip: Using WinZip, you can also post the Zip files to social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can also post them to apps like Twitter, Microsoft Teams, Jabber, and more. You’ll find all the options to do the same in the Share submenu of the WinZip program.


How Do I Unzip a File Using WinZip?

You can unzip the zipped files using WinZip from the context menu of your Windows 11 PC. Other than this, you can also unzip files in the WinZip program using the Unzip function.

How Do I Zip a Folder With WinZip?

Do I Need WinZip To Open a Zip File?

Yes, you need WinZip to open a Zip file. But you can use any compression and extraction tool to open archives. There are plenty of similar tools out there, such as 7-Zip, WinRAR, etc.

How Can I Open Zip Files for Free?

You can use Windows 11’s built-in compression and extraction tool to zip and unzip files for free.

What Is the Difference Between Zip and WinZip?

Zip and WinZip are completely different, as Zip is a file type used to bundle more files into a folder. Whereas WinZip is a compression and extraction tool that lets you create Zip files.

Use WinZip on Windows 11 With Ease

Wasn’t it easy to install and use WinZip on Windows 11? WinZip is a great compression and extraction tool known for its excellent features. Also, it’s very easy to use WinZip on Windows 11.

But it’s still better to get yourself backed with a comprehensive guide that explains how to install and use WinZip on Windows 11. Thus, we drafted this guide explaining the same. At last, we hope our detailed guide helped you use WinZip efficiently.

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