Trending September 2023 # How We Can Integrate The Jira Api With Uri Structure? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How We Can Integrate The Jira Api With Uri Structure? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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Definition of Jira API

JIRA provides some free API and APIs we need to purchase per our requirements. We know that using the JIRA API can communicate with the JIRA tool, which means programmatically, we can communicate. With the help of this API, we can build the different types of applications and write the scripts for communication with the JIRA tool or build any other integration as per our requirement. The Jira REST APIs collaborate with the Jira Server applications from a distance, for instance, while designing webhooks. The Jira Server stage gives the REST API to normal highlights, similar to issues and work processes.

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Introduction to Jira API Authentication

We are working with REST APIs integrated with the JIRA tool and authenticated using JSON tokens in JIRA. Validation works by extra trading a security setting with the application at a significant level. This setting is utilized to make and approve JWT tokens inserted in API calls.

Some mix APIs; if we have authentication to access the different REST APIs, we can integrate the required API and make the development.

Now let’s see authentication for REST API requests as follows.

OAuth 2.0 – This token-based strategy is the suggested technique. It is more adaptable and secure than different choices.

OAuth 1.0a – This is an inheritance validation strategy and isn’t suggested. Rather use OAuth 2.0.

Essential HTTP – This technique is just suggested for apparatuses like contents or bots. It is simpler to carry out yet substantially less secure.

Authentication for integrations

Assuming you coordinate an on-premises application with the Jira REST APIs, API calls are verified through an OAuth token. To get a token, make a bunch of OAuth accreditations with authorizations for the APIs the application needs to get to. Utilize the accreditations to demand a token by calling

Jira API URI Structure

Now let’s see the URI structure of API as follows.

JIRA’s REST APIs give admittance to assets (information substances) through URI ways.

Using Rest API, we can develop applications that will require HTTP requests and responses per our requirements. For example, we know that we generally have a different HTTP method that can be used during the development of applications, such as GET, DELETE, PUT and POST.

Presently there are two API names accessible, which will be talked about further beneath:

auth – for confirmation-related tasks, and

Programming interface – for all the other things.

The current API rendition is 2. Notwithstanding, likewise, a representative adaptation, called most recent, makes plans to the most recent form upheld by the given JIRA case. For instance, to recover the JSON portrayal of issue JRA-9 from Atlassian’s public issue tracker, you would get to:

Jira API Cloud

Permission for cloud site: Basically site admin group has this permission.

Administer Jira: This is global permission granted by the Jira administrators.

Administer a project in Jira: This permission is granted by the administer project for specified projects.

Access to Jira: This is global permission granted by the admin of Jira.

As well as we also required different access permission as per our requirement.

Jira API on-premises Integrations

Now let’s see how we can integrate the Jira API as follows.

First, we need to build the plugin: This plugin contains a different component that is common or auxiliary.

After that, we also need to develop the plugins2, consisting of the security component and design.

The next important part of integration is that the entity property: is used to store the key value of a Jira object, and it is used to create, delete, and update API in Jira.

Webhooks: is also important because it gives the interaction between different events.

Example of Jira API


In the above screenshot, we can rest API; this is a JSON format, it consists the different keys and values such as id, key, type, name, description, etc. if the above API run successfully, then it returns 200. On the other hand, if it is invalid, it returns the 400 status code, as shown in the following screenshot.

Now let’s see the example of get API as follows.


Now let’s see what expansion in API is as follows.

To work on API reactions, the JIRA REST API utilizes asset development. This implies the API will possibly return portions of the asset when unequivocally mentioned.

You can utilize the growth question boundary to determine a comma-isolated rundown of substances that you need extended, distinguishing everyone by name.

Look at the parent object’s growing property to find the identifiers for every element. For example, in the JSON model underneath, the asset pronounces gadgets as being expandable.

{ "extend": "gadgets", "gadgets": { "gadgets": [], "size": 7 } }

You can utilize the spot documentation to indicate the development of elements inside another substance.


With the help of the above article, we try to learn about JIRA API. From this article, we learn basic things about JIRA API, and as well as we also see the integration, expansion, and cloud-based integration of JIRA API.

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