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Trending September 2023 # Overview And Basics Gulp Command # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Definition of Gulp Command

We know that gulp basically used to automate the website task as per the developer requirement such as can consider preprocessing CSS code, minifying JavaScript, and reading. Normally Gulp is an open-source community tool, for implementation of Gulp, we need another tool or application that we call npm. Normally gulp is a JavaScript library to implement JavaScript code. By using CLI we can access gulp on our machine with the help of a shell. On the command-line interface, we are able to perform the different operations such as the installation of different packages as well as we are able to run the program from the command line interface as per our requirement.

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Overview of Gulp Command

Gulp is a request line task runner for chúng tôi Gulp lets us modernize cycles and get excess things done easily. What makes Gulp not exactly equivalent to other task runners is that it uses Node streams; diverting yield beginning with one endeavor as data and then onto the following. It simply needs to examine a record once, then, at that point, process it through various tasks, and in conclusion form the outcome archive. These results result in speedier development since there is a convincing motivation to make and scrutinize center individual records on the hard drive.

Prior was one variant of gulp you want to introduce both worldwide and locally.

The neighborhood variant is utilized in chúng tôi worldwide to run in the control center.

On a fundamental level, it works now.

npm rm – global gulp

The division happened because of similarity issues of worldwide and nearby rendition.

All around the world introduced gulp CLI bundle (Gulp order line interface) for executing Gulp orders.

Gulp is a solicitation line task sprinter for chúng tôi Gulp allows us to modernize cycles and finish abundance things without any problem. What makes Gulp not by and large compared to other assignment sprinters is that it utilizes Node streams; redirecting yield starting with one undertaking as information and then onto the accompanying. It basically has to inspect a record once, then process it through different errands, and all in all, structure the result document. These outcomes bring about speedier improvement since there is a persuading inspiration to make and investigate focus individual records on the hard drive. All Gulp setup goes in a record called chúng tôi situated at the foundation of the undertaking. The example for composing assignments is that you first burden a module you’re going to utilize and afterward characterize an undertaking that depends on that module.

Gulp is very module-driven; to achieve something, you want to know which module to utilize. Normally, a solitary module has a solitary reason, and all the modules are simply customary JavaScript.

Basics Gulp Command

node -v


By using the above command we can see the installed version of chúng tôi after execution we can see the result in the following command as follows.

In the command line prompt, enter the accompanying order to show the variant of npm (Node.js bundle chief) which is utilized to introduce modules. It will show the installed version chúng tôi form with the help of the below command.

npm -v


After execution of the above command, we can see the currently installed version of npm on our machine as shown in the below screenshot.

Now we successfully installed the chúng tôi now we need to install the gulp by using the below command as follows.

npm install gulp -g


In the above command, we use g for a flag that ensures gulp is globally available for all projects. After entering the above command we get the following screen as shown in the below screenshot.

gulp –v


After execution of the above command, we get the currently installed version of a gulp as shown in the below screenshot.

gulp command not found

Now let’s see the gulp command as follows.

gulp – version


End result of the above command is shown in the below screenshot as follows.

After installing gulp on windows, sometimes this error message occurs, so we need to resolve that by installing gulp cli packages globally. So we need to install gulp-cli with the help of cli and restart the terminal. Sometimes it shows an error message then we need to run the same command with sudo and make sure the path of the environment variable.

sudo npm install -g gulp-cli

Gulp Command Examples

Now let’s see different examples of gulp commands as follows.

npm init


By using the above command we can generate the chúng tôi file. Basically, by using this file we can track the packages of the project whenever we require.

First, we need to create a .js file inside the root folder of the project or we can utilize the text editor to create a .js file. Here we created gulpfile.js and wrote the following code as follows.

function testfunction(tf) { tf(); }

exports.test= testfunction


In the above example, we try to test gulp cli execution, which means checking the execution of gulp cli properly or not. So executes the above file with the help of the below command as follows.



The end result of the above execution we can see in the below screenshot is as follows.

If I want to execute multiple tasks at the same time, then we can use the following syntax as follows.


With the help of the above article, we try to learn about the Gulp command. From this article, we know basic things about the Gulp command and we also see the integration of the Gulp command and how we use it in the Gulp command.

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