Trending September 2023 # Testing Telecom Domain With Sample Oss/Bss Test Cases # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Testing Telecom Domain With Sample Oss/Bss Test Cases # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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What is Telecom Testing?

Telecom Testing is defined as the testing of Telecommunication software. Since the shift of the telecom sector to digital and computer networks, telecommunication industry uses software indispensable. Telecom sector depends on the various types of software components to deliver many services like routing and switching, VoIP broadband access, etc. Hence, telecom software testing is inevitable.

In this tutorial, you will learn-

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What is Domain in Testing?

A domain is nothing but the industry for which the software testing project is created. When we talk about software project or development, this term is often referred. For example, the Insurance domain, Banking domain, Retail Domain, Telecom Domain, etc.

Usually while developing any specific domain project, domain expert help is sought out. Domain expert is master of the subject and he may know the inside-out of the product or application.

Why Testing Domain Knowledge Matters?

Domain knowledge is quintessential for testing any software product, and it has its own benefits like

Recommended Telecom Testing Tool

HeadSpin helps leading telcos around the world to monitor and improve 5G user experience, improve OTT streaming experience, test data, messaging services, validate device compatibility, and deploy software at the edge. Given the hyper localisation of 5G and setup of mobile private networks, Telcos, ISV’s and their end customers require an end-to-end solution that optimizes a combination of real networks, computing technologies, and endpoints for real-world performance visibility. HeadSpin combines real-world edge infrastructure and data science to enable testing and edge experience with the following use cases which are key to perfecting user experience for telcos:


Monitor and improve 5G user experience

Test network device compatibility

Test, monitor & analyze data, voice and messaging services

Ensure pre-release device compatibility

Drive/walk test for local experience – Cellular/WiFi handoff

Deploy software at the edge

Improve OTT streaming experience

Network throttling using HeadSpin Automation APIs

Monitor client experience for roaming performance

Regression intelligence – build over build comparison to measure performance

Business Processes in the Telecom Industry

For telecom testing end-to-end service verification is important. To ensure efficient testing a good understanding of the different Business process is a must.

You need to understand each stage of service deliverability before drafting the test cases.

Telecom services are either based on a business support system that includes IVR’s, Call Centers, generating invoices, etc. or an operation support system that includes routers, switches, cell towers, etc.

The following table shows what activities are performed at different levels

Telecom Department Telecom Activities


It handles all the sales information like discounts, services, promos, etc.


Applying for a new connection or disconnecting a connection


This division deals with the physical connection between customers and TSP ( Telecom Service Provider)


Under this division, all billing work is done

Service Assurance

In case of any failure, this division corrects the problem

Inventory Systems

It is the repository of all information


This division tracks the ordering system and the status of an order

Typical Telecom Business Process

Following is a typical business process in the Telecom Industry.

Types of Protocols used in Telecom Industry

Here the popular protocols used in the Telecom industry

VoIP technologies: VoIP, IMS, MPLS, ISDN, PSTN

Signaling and Protocols: SIP, ISDN, Codecs, H.323

Wireless technologies: GPRS, CDMA, GSM, UMTS

Network Management: SNMP

Layer 2 Protocols: ARP, STP, L2TP, PPP

Layer 3 protocols/routing: ICMP, BGP, ISIS, MPLS

Infrastructure/Security: ATM, TCP/IP, LAN/VLAN, SSH

You can learn more about Protocol Testing here

Testing LifeCycle in the Telecom Industry

The Test Lifecycle in the telecom industry is similar to that of any other industry but with a stress on details. Here is how the test lifecycle looks like along with the test artifacts.

Telecom Testing Stage Test artifacts

Business View

Requirement based test artifacts

Feasibility based artifacts

Standard and policy identification based test artifacts

Operation and maintenance considerations related test artifacts

System/ Architecture

System test artifacts (Security, Installation)

Test artifacts for virtual prototype

Special System Testing artifacts ( interoperability, disaster recovery)


Unit test artifacts

Integration test artifacts

Quality and performance artifacts

Regression, load testing, sanity, etc.


Acceptance test artifacts

Integration test artifacts

Quality and performance artifacts

Functional test artifacts

Alpha/Beta test artifacts

Types of Testing Performed on Telecom Software

Interconnection Testing

Conformance Testing

IVR Testing

Performance Testing

Security Testing

Interoperability Testing

Protocol Testing

Functional Testing

Automation Testing

Sample TestCases for Telecom Testing

In Telecom Testing, one must consider the testing following

Various Telecom Testing Testing activities in Telecom

Billing System

Verify, the telephone number of the customer is registered under telecom operator

Verify whether the number is still working

Verify the number entered is valid, and it is 10 digit number

Verify the number is not blocked due to some reasons

Verify if the number has any outstanding bills, if exist, display it on screen

Verify the number has all previous accounts or bills cleared

Verify the system enables statement generation as per customer requirement

Verify the system has recorded a number of calls accurately

Verify the plan chosen by the customer displays on the billing system

Verify the total amount billed is accurate and mapped to the service offered

Application Testing

Protocols, signaling, field testing for IOT

Usage and Functional Testing for core Mobile handset applications like a call, SMS, transfer/hold, etc.

Testing of various applications like finance, sports and location-based services, etc. OSS-BSS testing

OSS-BSS Testing

Billing, customer case, interconnect billing, order and fraud management, revenue assurance

Network management, mediation, provisioning, etc.

EAI, CRM & ERP, data warehousing, etc.

Conformance Testing

Electrical interface compatibility

Conformance of protocol

Conformance of transport layers

IVR Testing

Interactive test scenarios

Detection of voice energy

Broadband audio tones

Extensive conditional branching sequences

DTMF Entries


The telecom service is a very broad field consists of a various component including cables, networks, signals, protocols, etc. and their testing requires a broad range of testing techniques, so the choice of testing techniques and strategy highly depends on what component of telecom is tested.

The test requirement, scope, test scenarios, testing techniques, testing tools, etc. varies with the type of testing involves, it can be protocol testing for VoIP or wireless device testing for CDMA. The tutorial gives a basic but complete overview of how telecom testing can be performed and discuss various prospects that are crucial for telecom testing.

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